Services offered by the organization

EAEO’s task is to work towards the promotion of increased productivity and competitiveness of enterprises in East Africa Community member states and to promote, advocate, protect and defend interests of the East African employers at East Africa Community level. It has its mandate in promoting the principal tenets of social dialogue, with specific focus to tri-partism towards finding solutions to social and economic problems with full involvement of governments, employers and workers through their most representative organizations.

EAEO provides a forum for representation and consultation between employers’ organizations and the East Africa Community on matters pertaining to employment and labor relations and to provide a forum for consultation amongst member employer organizations and to ascertain their views on matters of common concern and to present those views to any inter-governmental body within the East African Community and its affiliates. To effect the above, the organization undertakes the following activities;

  1. Conduct Research on issues of common interest to the employers
  2. Do policy analysis, advocate and updates the employers
  3. Lobbying and Advocating for a conducive business environment at the regional level.
  4. Through its members, the organization also conducts trainings on the labour and employment related matters.
  5. Assemble and make available to members, when required, existing legislation, policy instruments and any information relevant to the activities of employers.
  6. Collect and collate from members or other sources economic and social data that are of benefit to employers.