The membership of the East African Employers Organisation is drawn from across the East African Community, namely; Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE), Association of Burundi Employers (AEB), Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE), Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE), Private Sector Federation (PSF) Rwanda, and Zanzibar Employers Association (ZANEMA). These are the founder members of the organization and they are represented within the EAEO three prong structure of governance.
Admission of members

  • Application for membership is made in writing to the Secretary General of EAEO.
  • Admission to membership of the EAEO is resolved by the General Assembly and may be accepted or rejected; provided that where the application is rejected, the applicant is informed of the grounds for rejection and is accorded every reasonable opportunity to appeal to the General Assembly for reconsideration of its prior decision.
  • The EAEO does not accept an application from an employers’ organization which is not most representative or itself is a member of, or eligible for membership of national employers organization which is qualified for membership of the EAEO.
  • Representatives of employers’ organizations which are not eligible for membership of the EAEO may, with the approval of the Executive Council, attend a meeting of the General Assembly as observers.
  • All members of EAEO are required to pay 1250 USD as annual membership subscription fees.