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Launching of EAEO Guidelines

Launching of EAEO Guidelines to Building Harmonious Industrial relations.

EAEO will launch the Guideline on 14th November 2016.

Location: Palace Hotel Arusha – Tanzania.

The first strand is the Committee of Experts which is composed of experts with diverse backgrounds from each employer’s organisation. They are responsible for reviewing and approving the operational and policy matters. The second strand is the Executive Council which is composed of all the Chief Executive Officers of all the member employers’ organisation. This committee is responsible for providing strategic guidance to the organisation. The third strand is the Annual General Meeting which is composed of the members of Committee of Experts, members of Executive Council and the Chairpersons of all member employers’ organisations.

The objectives of EAEO include;

  1. To lobby and advocate for a conducive business environment
  2. To enhance EAEO visibility, branding and membership engagement
  3. To develop and strengthen strategic partnership for promoting employers’ interests
  4. To fast track the sustainability of EAEO as a regional body

The realization of a large regional economic bloc with a combined population of more than 145.5 million people, land area of 1.82 million square kilometers and a combined Gross Domestic Product of $147.5 billion (EAC Facts and Figures Report 2015), bears great strategic and geopolitical significance and prospects of a renewed and reinvigorated East African Community (EAC).


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